The Many Benefits of Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablets

Since chlorine was used to sanitize a swimming pool at Brown University in 1910, pool maintenance has come a very long way. And while chlorine remains a staple of pool care, it’s seen a change more towards the pill form in recent decades.

Why chlorine pills?

Let us look at why we enjoy chlorine tabs much…


Chlorine tablets (also referred to as pucks, cubes, or tabs) pack a strong punch in a little package. Getting lightweight, simple to keep, offering both stabilized or non-stabilized models, and with different size settings (1″, 3″, or sticks) adds for their simplicity of use. Calculate your pool needs, fall in an automatic or floating chlorinator and you are ready to go.

Cost Effectiveness

Not only are chlorine pills easily available nowadays, but rather forgiving on the wallet. Online comparison shopping combined with free shipping gifts attractive bargains. Three-inch pucks at the $1.90 per pound range could be found with some assignments. Not too shabby in any way.

Steady Release

Tabs are simply that. Unlike quitting liquid chlorine in your pool to abruptly shock the chlorine level, tabs gradually degrade to supply a nice even flow of merchandise in water.

Easy Dosing

With chlorine tabs, you do not require a Ph.D. in physics to ascertain your wants. Compute your pool size in gallons and you are up and running.

Tested Sanitizer

I know that it’s difficult to think, but if from physiological fluids, airborne pollutants, insects or leaves, a few gross stuff gets in there. Luckily, your chlorine tabs are incredibly good at protecting germs and preventing algae blooms when used correctly.


Multi-functional chlorine pills step it up a notch farther. With the accession of elements including clarifiers, algaecides, and blot inhibitors, all these goodies would be the Swiss army knives of this pill world. An actual all-purpose alternative.

Pool care does not need to be an intricate scenario.

Happy swimming pool.